Tuesday, 13 January 2009

'Vaz "very surprised" that Prince thinks "Sooty" a term of endearment'

Can't really improve on the manner (above) in which Politicshome.com chose to bullet-point the comments of Keith Vaz, MP and Home Affairs Select Committee Chairman, on the topic of the Windsor lad and what he likes to call his duskier 'friends' (who are of course at liberty to tell the Prince to f*ck off - I mean, what could it possibly cost them...?)
This 'friend' is Cirencester Polo Club member and 'millionaire property developer' Kolin Dhillon. Apparently Sooty has been his 'affectionate nickname' for assorted royals and polo associates for 'at least 15 years'. I can't improve on the rest of what is online at the Evening Standard, so here are the gems:
- Mr Dillon 'is said to be close to other members of the royal family who also refer to him by the name.'
- "Neighbours near Mr Dhillon's home in Coates, near Cirencester, said no one outside the polo fraternity called him 'Sooty'..."
- "A member of the CPC, who asked not to be named, said the name Sooty had been introduced to put "two fingers up" to political correctness... [This source] said of the royal family: "They are no more racists than I am"...


Al said...

I haven't seen a picture of Mr Dhillon, but I presume he only gets called that 'term of endearment' because he's orange with no legs and doesn't speak? Right?

Richard T Kelly said...

Possibly. But I think Mr Dhillon has been quoted in the newspapers, by proxy or otherwise, which presumably means that he communicates in words rather than nasal/guttural squeaks and squawks (the form generally favoured by individuals who are orange and have no legs but are manipulated by human hand, i.e. 'puppets'.)