Sunday, 10 August 2008

Crusaders paperback reviews in the Guardian, Telegraph... and Sunday Times?

I was on holiday in France all of last week but heard from one or two kind friends that the Sunday Times of August 3 wrote kindly of Crusaders in their paperback round-ups. It's not online so I'll have to go a-hunting in the library, most like... Today, though, I'm very pleased to see that the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph (scroll down) have also printed positive Crusaders reviews. In one of those funny-peculiar bits of timing, the Saturday Telegraph ran a negative write-up yesterday, one that slightly suspiciously echoed one or two others from the past by complaining of one noun in particular, i.e. my attributing to Steve Coulson a feeling of 'tristesse'. But then you will see this sort of thing from a certain caste of English book reviewer: the certainty that proletarian characters in books (and life?) can't possibly have complex or profound emotions. Which is interesting stuff, in its own way...

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