Friday, 5 September 2008

Harry Enfield: This is Hardcore

My favourite show is back on telly. In saying it's my favourite, it seems that I reveal my age, because a lot of the preview write-ups in the papers would lead you to suppose that said show is awfully tired on arrival. And yet it seems to me that Harry Enfield's and Paul Whitehouse's comedy is more current and observational and clued-in than any other comedy I've seen on telly lately (admittedly, there's so much obvious brainless crap I just don't bother with.)
Anyhow: glad to see so many characters returning in this series from the (much-derided) first series of Harry & Paul: the lordly surgeons, the Notting Hill shyster knick-knack seller (pictured), the too-nice bloke forlornly in love with the Polish barista... I just hope we'll see the return of the gormless American tourists who are very keen on gay men and hijab-wearing ladies ('Isn't she probably pretty...?')

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