Monday, 11 May 2009

Tori Amos, Maria McKee, and a Dream Soundtrack for Lucie Gunn

At work this morning on my screenplay Lucie Gunn I start to feel the need for mood-musical accompaniment. Too much of that aggressive masculine guitar in the house lately. What about the women? Lucie Gunn is a Code: Female sort of a script, for sure. And I think I know the kind of souls I need to help this one to sing...
Maria, for certain. It's now become a truism that her 1996 album Life Is Sweet, the one that severed her relations with Geffen (see Peter Case, below) is one of the great 'lost' rock albums of its decade. It still sounds disturbing to me today, though I understand Maria's rather more content these days. This live performance clip reminds me of seeing her at the Shepherd's Bush Empire that same year. She wore the same dress, made the same brilliantly anguished noises on guitar.
Now then, Tori... When she first became a Hot Thing c. 1992 I couldn't quite follow her, and not just because of her vocal stylings - or maybe it was her fanbase that was deterring. But she certainly kept going her own way - for all her imitators there is no-one quite like her - and To Venus And Back (1999) is unquestionably one of my favourite records. The new one, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, looks fairly enticing too, as does this live performance of one of its cuts.

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