Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Eurozone: "Struggling a bit, aren't they...?"

The two-handed satire of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe is new to me, but on this evidence - a skit on Eurozone debt in the style of Mastermind - I'll be looking out for it from now. (The Oz accents, I admit, add greatly to the pawkiness of the humour.)


Unknown said...

Great clip. Another of my favourites from them:



James Bradley said...

John Clarke is a genius, though given so much of his humour is about the cupidity of Australian politicians I suspect it doesn't always travel well. He's got a great line in the combination of stupidity, belligerence and rat-cunning so many politicians possess. He's also quite brilliant intellectually, and has a good line as a poet and poetic imitator. But (sadly) he's actually a Kiwi, not an Australian.

If you want to see more you can check out their page at the ABC:


And they tweet a link to each week's skit as it happens - twitter handle is @mrjohnclarke.