Friday, 27 May 2011

Trailer for The Possessions of Doctor Forrest!

(Connoisseurs of the North London Gothic may care to know that the scenic element of this clip in which I read from and discuss the themes of The Possessions of Dr Forrest was shot in the grounds of Abney Park Cemetary, Stoke Newington.)


Haarlson Phillipps said...

Best of luck with screenplay. Got your work cut out there.
Sorry, but don't have your email and thought you may want to check out my instant reaction on Barça v Man U:

I'll know you'll know what I'm talking about. All the best.

Ronald said...

Review in Metro today June 2nd by Ben Felsnburg, 4 out of 5 stars.

Richard T Kelly said...

Thank you Ronald, that is v kind of you to spot and mention the review.
Haarlson - what can I say...? You just said it. Thanks for the blog link, I've learned a great deal! I must get a hold of After Goya. And your Heavensfield sounds a fine project - a great title for sure. You can email me at, I'll leave this as a note on your blog too. All good wishes,