Friday, 19 August 2016

The Knives reviewed for Metro by Claire Allfree: 'Pacy, propulsive, highly absorbing'.

Claire Allfree is a literary reviewer who wrote a very thoughtful and welcome appreciation of my first novel Crusaders for London's Metro back in 2008. You remember these sorts of things, I can tell you.

I'm very pleased that Claire has now also written on The Knives and found this book to be of merit, too, in a 4-star write-up for the same paper - under what I have to say is a really top-notch headline for a piece on a Westminster novel: 'The Whipping Boy.'

These are the choice bits:

'Richard T Kelly's propulsive new Westminster-set novel... fluently written... highly absorbing...  Pacy novel that captures the fast-moving pressures of government...'

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