Sunday, 18 November 2018

Writers & Intellectuals on Britain & Europe, 1918-2018: A conference at Northumbria University

M.G. Sanchez, Kristian Shaw & Your Correspondent

Always a pleasure to be in Newcastle, especially so for me a couple of weeks ago when I attended the Northumbria University conference 'Writers and Intellectuals on Britain and Europe, 1918-2018,' convened by Dr Ann-Marie Einhaus. 

I had a couple of speaking functions to perform: first on a panel called ‘Writers on Britain and Europe now,’ chaired by Bob Eaglestone from Royal Holloway University, where I exchanged views with Fiona Shaw, Mark (‘M.G.’) Sanchez and Kristian Shaw;  and then in a session entitled ‘Novelists on Brexit’ (chaired by Barbara Korte of Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, alongside Mark once more, plus Ina Habermann of the University of Basel, and this time I delivered my paper: ‘“We must suffer them all again”: Political fictions and their debt to “past experiments”’; I took my texts from Auden, Brecht and Anthony Wedgwood-Benn.

A fascinating day in all; I met some terrifically smart people; I hope to publish my paper in due course; and some of my contributions to the first panel session were captured pretty faithfully on Twitter as below.

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