Tuesday, 12 August 2008

10 Bad Dates praised at PopMatters

This is a lovely US review of 10 Bad Dates With De Niro by Rodger Jacobs for PopMatters.com. The book is described as one "to obtain and keep on one’s nightstand or easy-to-reach shelves for years to come." Naturally I am also flattered to hear I've done anything 'masterfully', knowing all too well where my limitations lie. And I'm extra pleased that so many of the book's top-ranking contributors have had their work singled out, including Matt Thorne for his list of movie drunks, and in particular the selection of Sterling Hayden (shown here, through a glass darkly) as Roger Wade in Altman's The Long Goodbye - still the very model of a cult movie, one that rightly got several citations in the book, and a picture I could sit and watch straight through anytime.


Anonymous said...

Well, I may have cheated a little there, Richard, singling out the Sterling Hayden reference because "The Long Goodbye" is in my all-time Top 10 of American films and any effort I can make to get people to see Altman's terrific take on Raymond Chandler is worth the effort. I was also very impressed by David Hare's contributions. You collected a delightful group of witty and intelligent contributors.

Good job and best of luck!

Rodger Jacobs

Richard T Kelly said...

Hey Rodger, I think we should all plot whatever conspiracies we can to get 'The Long Goodbye' as much play as possible, and maybe one day it will top one of those AFI Greatest lists otherwise dominated by The Godfather and Casablanca... Many thanks for your support, it's appreciated.