Monday, 11 August 2008

Crusaders at Wigtown Festival 05.10.08

I'm in Edinburgh this weekend and looking forward to it greatly, but it's now online that come Sunday 5 October I will be back in Scotland, this time for the Wigtown Festival: an event set for 15:00 pm at County Buildings and costing£6.00. Programme details are here. I've heard fine things about Wigtown and look forward to the craic.
The Times extols Wigtown as "a small, friendly festival in Scotland’s official Book Town – which has about 20 bookshops... in rolling countryside by the sea, near salt marshes and Britain’s largest local RSPB bird reserve. It is also the only book festival with a local whisky distillery, Bladnoch." Trebles all round then.

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Lee Henshaw said...


How are you?

You must be chuffed with all this coverage.

I've launched a social network, Next to Hemingway, that connects authors with reading groups and I wondered if you'd consider joining.

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Lee Henshaw.