Saturday, 30 August 2008

Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0

I daresay I should take the bloody rough with the smooth and resolve to note down each of this season's league results, be they good or ill. (Though I skipped the Coventry game midweek just because it never helps to get lathered about any early Toon progress in the League Cup - it can't last.) Typical of Arsenal to rediscover their groove today but, again, that's the Toon for you, forever freely handing out good vibes to opposing teams and their fans - e.g. your ropiest striker who hasn't scored in two-dozen starts is nailed on for a brace against Newcastle, as is that hamstrung ex-NUFC player you have on your books, so the manager might as well get him off the bench. If mugs like that can do it, Robin Van Persie can do it in his sleep, which is kind of how he did it today. Next up, Hull at SJP. Wigan put 5 past them today. But come next Saturday will we have any strikers fit to start? Or is Nicky Butt expected to bang 'em in, on top of everything else?

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