Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Story and the Truth: a new blog

An interesting new blog can be found here courtesy of Dan Hartland and Anna French, promising to feature "novels, history, education, politics, football, fashion and travel". The first substantive post is a very smart one on Obama's 'issues', with heavy reference to David Cameron and the grounds of his starting-to-look-unassailable poll lead over Labour.
I couldn't agree more with TS&TT's general critique of the Democrats' sanctimonious and rather slack-jawed campaigns of recent vintage: 'Dedicated to a rationalism that expects voters to respond to debating rhetoric, they have ceded term after term to the Republicans, allowing their opponents to define the rules of the game.'
I should say that the blog also has some kind words for Crusaders in a sidebar books feature called 'Words We Like': to wit, "A state of the nation novel without the po-faced worthiness, this has everything - gangsters, Parliament, Anglicanism and council estate soap opera. A formidable - and wryly written - treat."
In all, one to watch, as they say.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Richard - nice of you to point us out. We seem to have got into a bit of a politics rut at present, but posts about Other Stuff are coming soon, honest!

And you're more than welcome to the mention and the praise - I was very impressed by 'Crusaders', great work.


Richard T Kelly said...

A pleasure, Dan, much obliged, and I will keep checking in to your site.