Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Crusaders review on ReadItInBooks

I am guessing that readitinbooks.com has some Echo and the Bunnymen enthusiast among its founding members. It's a new site to me but I'm pleased to see they've recently run a useful review of Crusaders, wherein they describe the novel as 'timely', 'ambitious', 'enthralling', 'gripping', and 'recommended'. That said, the reviewer thinks that it 'doesn’t (quite) work', having been confused by the gangland plot and not fully convinced by Gore as a priest or his relationship with Lindy. But these two, certainly the latter, have been talk-about issues from the get-go.
I suppose the author's dream would be to one day do an edition of Crusaders with page-by-page readers' notes that would give the backdrop to my rationale for every element of the story, its themes and characterisations. Of course, there will never ever be any market demand for any such edition, I hasten to add, so what I'm dreaming of is probably some fanciful post-copyright piece of e-publishing. Or, alternatively, one could just clam up and let people read a book the way they want to...

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