Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Et tu, Brute: Dotun Adebayo rehearses The Knives...

Now, *that's* a knife...: Mankiewicz's 1953 film of Shakespeare
The morning of Saturday September 3 I was pleased to be asked onto BBC Radio London's Robert Elms show, always a lively and enjoyable slot. Dotun Adebayo was sitting in for Robert, and he and I had a good old chat about The Knives and politics etc.

But really the iPlayer repeat is worth a listen just for the bits where Dotun, evidently struck by my account of the book's depiction of political enmities and back-stabbings, gave abrupt and pretty rip-roaring renditions from Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet.

This is the link, at time of writing, and my conversation with Dotun starts at 02:37:40.

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